Welcome to the FfE Open Access Repository

Studies on increasing energy efficiency, the integration of renewable energies and forward-looking technologies are our fundamental contribution to a sustainable transformation of the energy system. We create application-oriented knowledge that not only decision-makers in the public and private sectors can rely on, but individual persons as well. In this way, the FfE contributes to the implementation of the energy transition through its daily work.

The education and training of students and academic staff is the statutory objective of the FfE. We develop methods for the analysis of complex future issues and attach great importance to objective and scientifically sound criteria and the corresponding communication of results by our employees to the outside world. In the long term, they will act as multipliers and make an important contribution to objective debates in business and society.

This database has been successively built up since the end of 2020 and will provide free access to a large number of our publications. When downloading, please observe the rights stated in each case.

If you have any questions regarding the FfE Open Access Repository, please contact us by e-mail at info@ffe.de. Visit www.ffe.de for more information on the FfE.